Precision Gaging & Fixturing PhotoPrecision Inspection Gaging & Fixturing

We design, build, repair, and certify small detail or larger assembly inspection gages. We specialize in both simple attribute and SPC gages with data collection capabilities. We also build weld and CMM holding jigs and fixtures for stamping, welding, casting, molding, and machining industries. Gaging and Fixturing has been a strong part of our business for the past 40 years.

Custom Parts, Machining & Fabrication PhotoCustom Parts, Machining & Fabrication

We can design, create or alter one of a kind prototypes as well as produce short run production parts and assemblies for any industry using a wide variety of materials including Metals both Ferris and non-ferris, sheetmetal, plastic, wood, plaster, fiberglass, fabrics. You name we have most likely used it.

Antique Restoration PhotoAntique Restoration

Restoration of autos, boats, furniture, aircraft, bikes, tools, toys & collectibles – we can do it! We will help you with any part of the process that you like – from disassembly to assembly, including rebuilding of mechanical parts and fabrication of components from various types of materials.

Whether it is design, manufacturing, new venture ideas, or a restoration project, we invite you to contact us to find how we may help.

Tel: 517-543-2888