Custom Parts, Machining and Fabrication

Need a custom one of a kind part for Machine Repair, Prototype, Restoration or Custom build project? Or do you need a small production run of parts? Maybe you just need a run of parts to be assembled.


We can work to your design or design it for you. Our Solid Works and Feature Cam software’s accept many types of files including Para solids, Iges, Dxf, and Dwg.

We also have the capability to C.M.M. measure your existing part using PCDemis software and reverse engineer from there.

Custom Parts

We have made & repaired components using many different types of materials such as aluminum, brass, steel, sheet metal, plaster, wood, plastics, fabrics, injected polymers and fiberglass.

Custom parts can be machined from billet material or hand made from creating a mold and either casting or injection molding. Some parts are even hand laid from mats and resins.


Our machining capabilities are many: C.N.C. and manual Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Sawing, Turning, Planing, Routering, Sanding.

Fabrication & Assembly

Metal fabrication can consist of Cutting, Bending, Sheering, and Welding of metals. Wood fabrication might be Cutting, Gluing, Sanding, Screwing or Stapling. Others might include stretching, sewing, stapling of fabrics or again, Just about anything!