Antique Restoration

Are you envisioning that old antique or collectible being restored and brought back to life? You’re not alone because we are too!

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car before and after


Whether it is a piece that has been passed down from one family garage or basement to another, or a piece that you just had the urge to purchase, most likely it can be restored and we would like to help.Is it an old car, motorcycle or boat from the past? Is it an old sled, bicycle, or pop machine that would look great in your recreational room? Or maybe it’s a piece of furniture, an old toy or an old tool. It could be just about anything!

We can help you with…

Inspection and/or Disassembly

Determining work needed and putting together a restoration plan is very important to the restoration process. Many projects get started and are never completed due to lack of research, determination, availability of parts, extent or difficulty of work, time, or money needed to complete the project.

Mechanical Components

We rebuild engines, gear boxes, and repair or replace bushings in chassis, links/ rods and levers. We also strip, weld and straighten any components.

Basic Wiring

We can replace or rebuild wire harnesses of various types.

Wood Restoration

We strip, repair, build, and finish any type of wood components. We do this for buildings, furniture, vintage boats, vintage automobiles, vintage aircraft, toys, furniture, etc.

Sheet Metal Work

We make and weld-in patch panels, due to rust or damage. We repair or replace sheet metal panels for automobiles, motorcycles, bikes, etc.

Manufacturing of Missing Components

We manufacture damaged or missing components. We can manufacture components from various types of material including steel, aluminum, wood, sheet metal and plastics.

Whether we do it for you…. or you do it with our help…..Let’s get started today!