Roadside Trash Bin/Firewood Box/Patio Box

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This decorative wooden box not only makes a very nice roadside trash container but also makes a very nice firewood box or patio box to conveniently keep firewood, patio Items, garden Items neatly and organized on the patio or next to the back door. This good looking, super sturdy animal resistant container is made from 5/8” treated plywood and a steel continuous hinge for durability & longevity along with 1/2” hardware cloth to keep the critters out. The solid raised floor makes for stable placement on uneven ground and the solid lid not only helps keep the weather out, it also self stops in the open position. This unit comes packaged in kit form with hinge & screens pre-installed and screws included for assembly of panels. Once the CNC machined & pre-drilled panels are easily assembled using just a screw driver, the inside dimensions will be 22” x 22” x 32” high, equaling 9.0 cubic ft. holding (5) 13 gal. kitchen bags.


Price: $99.95